I am a researcher in the field of image analysis and computer vision applied to biology and medicine.

My current positions:

Centre for Computational Biology (CBIO)

The CBIO is a research centre of Mines ParisTech, a major engineering school for applied mathematics in France. Our research focuses on the development of Machine Learning methods for live sciences, with applications both in fundamental biology and medicine. At the CBIO, we have 4 permanent researchers covering a variety of application areas, such as Chemoinformatics, Genome-Wide Association Studies, the analysis of electronic health records, phenotypic screening or digital pathology.

Mines ParisTech - PSL

The CBIO has a strategic partnership with the Institut Curie and INSERM, and is part of the mixed unit U900-CBIO dedicated to Bioinformatics, Epidemiology and Systems Biology of cancer.

Bioimage Analysis at the CBIO and the Institut Curie

My own research field is Bioimage Informatics. My team develops methods and tools to analyse image data in biology and medecine. In particular, we develop computer vision methods to analyse cellular and tissular phenotypes.

Bioimage analysis

The main application areas in my team are:

  • High Content Screening : family of experimental techniques to perform hundreds / thousands of imaging experiments to test large panels of perturbations (such as drug effects or gene knock-downs).
  • Digital Pathology : imaging technique routinely used in clinical practice, where diseased tissue slides are stained and scanned.

Our main workhorse today is Deep Learning, often complemented by traditional image analysis techniques and other data science techniques for down-stream analysis of the results.